01-29 The frequency-Bessel (F-J) transform for estimating multimodal surface wave dispersion curves
01-29 Synthetic ambient noise and noise cross-correlations
01-28 Image transform technique for estimating phase velocity dispersion curve


09-22 Colormaps for Fantastic Visualizations
09-20 MUltiple SIgnal Classification (MUSIC) Algorithm for Array Processing


06-04 Matched Field Processing: a generalized beamforming


03-20 Cross Spectral Beamforming in Ambient Noise Cross-correlation
03-11 Estimating the Power Spectral Density of Ambient Seismic Noise
03-02 Geometry on a Sphere
01-26 Ocean and Climate Data Source
01-16 Signal Stacking: Phase-Weighted Stack (PWS)
01-06 Matlab GUI Design: popupmenu
01-02 Matlab GUI Design: axes


12-30 Seismic Data Processing in Matlab
12-30 Matlab GUI Design: the guide tool
12-30 Useful seismic tools
12-28 Obtain right Cross-Correlation spectrum
12-25 Bessel functions numerical approximations
12-24 Array response function (Array transfer function)
12-23 Multi-channel analysis of Surface waves (MASW)
11-08 Vectors in GMT
11-02 Boundary Conditions in PDE
09-29 EGFs from Cross-correlations of Noise Excited by a Circle-Shaped Configuration of Sources
09-25 Calculating Ray Parameters Using Obspy
09-22 How to Distribute and Install Your Own Python Package
09-21 Numerical Modeling of Acoustic Wave Propagation
09-19 Seismic Data Processing in Python
09-18 Make Animations with Python
09-18 Settings in Python Plotting
09-16 The Journey to Digital Filter Design: One-way and Two-way Filters
09-15 The Journey to Digital Filter Design: Band-pass Filter
09-15 The Journey to Digital Filter Design: High-pass Filter
09-14 Error Bars in GMT
09-14 Print Colorful Strings in C
09-14 Function Pointer & Pointer Function
09-12 Awk notes
09-12 Basemap in Python
09-11 The Journey to Digital Filter Design: Low-pass Filter
09-08 Cross-correlations From Seismic Ambient Noise
09-07 Cross Spectral Beamforming
09-05 Advanced Operations in Eigen3
09-04 Basic Operations in Eigen3 C++
09-03 Hilbert Transform
09-03 About
09-03 Fourier Transform